Easy brunch with a view – Laguna Beach

This place I visited is located in Laguna Beach.

The name of the restaurant is The Cliff, and hence the name, it is located right at the cliff of the scenic Laguna Beach.

They have a full bar, and you might have to wait an hour or so to get a sit during the weekend.

Their price range is reasonable. Appetizers range from 8 to 16 dollars, Entrées range from 12 to 30.

They have AMAZING clam chowders and the oysters are always fresh.

But above all, the view is pretty and makes you feel like life is worth it even though it gives you lemon all the time.

This restaurant is in the middle of Laguna Beach, so it is nearby all the pretty stores and other bars next to the beach.

Another place good for brunch around the area is Urth Caffé, famous for its brunch menus.

If you go there, go get any latte of your preference with their stuffed french toast, or any other food. They also have a great selection of teas, so if you are not a coffee drinker, go drink tea.


Hazelnut Latte and Greentea Latte with Soymilk at Urth Caffé
Brunch at The Cliff — Clam chowder, fresh oysters and martini
Refreshing martinis with a splendid view
Sunset here is beautiful





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