La Jolla Beach

img_0135I am a student at University of California, San Diego.

As prestigious as the school is, the location of this university cannot be compared to any other universities in the world.

Located in La Jolla, famous for its scenic beach and peacefulness, UCSD students receive all the perks the location provides.

Smell from the sea breeze hits my nose time to time when I’m walking down the library walk from Geisel, and I can see the hang gliders flying gracefully off the La Jolla cliff by the Eleanor Roosevelt College and even where I live.

When I open my door in the morning, I sometimes mesmerize at the view that stretches infinitely with a sunrise that divides the two blues.

God bless UCSD.

God bless ME who worked hard to get into this school *wink*


  • Above image is Salk Institute of UCSD. Photo taken in the middle of the road that leads to Torrey Pines Hang gliding Port.

*Peer reviewed by Yelena Polyashenko. Visit her through instagram @layyzerr

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