New York, New York

This winter break, I went to New York with my best friend, Eileen.

She always wanted to visit New York, and I only had a vague memory of the city from 7th grade in middle school.

Jacy, who once studied in New York asked me if I wanted to go, but things didn’t work out.. (Sorry Jacy) and I went to almost all the places she recommended.

I used to live in Toronto for a while, so I made one of the biggest mistake by underestimating the winter temperature in NY. The freezing wind that blew through my sweater and thin wind-breaker felt like thousands of wooden spoons slapping my skin, and later it just became numb.

But the trip was worth it.

The places I visited were:

  • MET (Metropolitan Museum)
  • MOMA (Modern Art Museum)
  • Time Square
  • Chelsea Market
  • 5th Ave.
  • Broadway
  • Ruby’s Dining
  • Sarabeth’s East
  • Two Little Red Hens
  • Shake Shack
  • Korea Town

First day schedule:

  • 5th Avenue
    • 5th Avenue is really famous for its shopping malls, and most are luxury-brand boutiques.
  • Sarabeth’s East
    • One of the most famous brunch franchise in NY. Their Mixed Berry Jams were really good, even though I don’t like jams.
  • MET
    • This is one of the biggest museum I have ever been to, and it will take more than 2 days to nearly appreciate the collections of art.
    • They put “The amount you pay is up to you”. Really. It means you can pay almost nothing to enter. But the suggested price for adult is 25, and 12 for student.
  • Two Little Red Hens
    • This cute little dessert place had more than 2k reviews on Yelp!
    • Red velvet cupcakes and their cheesecakes were the best out of all the menus I ordered.



Brunch at Sarabeth’s

Two Little Red Hens



Second day schedule:

  • Chelsea Market
    • We were about to go to MOMA and highland park, but we spent more than 3 hours here. They have flea market and sell vintage things. Inside, there are many popular restaurants.
  • Broadway
    • I couldn’t get hold of any tickets, but pretty much all the shows are worth the time and cost.
  • Shake Shack
    • I still can’t decide between IN-N-OUT and Shake Shack.
    • There are several locations in NY, but I just happened to go to the one in the middle of a park, only with patios. It was 28 degrees fahrenheit, and like I mentioned, with an inappropriate dress code.
    • Food was good though. I had the ‘Shroom burger. Get the shake!
  • Park ave.
    • Yea. Shopping.
Shake Shack, one of the best part during the trip
Broadway, Cold.
Sarabeth’s Jam



Third day schedule:

  • MOMA
    • This Modern Art Museum is not as big as MET, but still requires at least 4 hours of stay to appreciate some collections of art.
    • I paid 14 dollars, with my student ID presented at the entrance. The regular price for adult is 25 dollars. Unlike MET, you need to pay to enter here.
  • Time Square
    • Who cares about being basic? Buy those I LOVE NY shirts and mugs. We all clandestinely love it.
  • Ruby’s Dining
    • (Oh boy) x 4.
    • Get their bronx burger and FRIES!!!!!
    • I’m still dreaming about this place.
  • More shopping on Madison’s
    • It was a great time to shop. End of the year sale + Christmas shopping sale.
Brancusi, MOMA
Gustav Klimpt
Time Square, crowded.
Jackson Pollock
Ruby’s! Loved their rustic interior.
Street, NY, Halal Guys next to me


If you are planning a trip, BRING YOUR STUDENT ID WITH YOU!


AirBnB in Washington Heights

It was really cheap and I befriended two furry friends!

Hotels in NY are expensive and it’s not like us two girls will be enjoying a romantic night in a bath tub. We usually got back to the hostel after 12, and left in the morning. Ain’t nobody got time for sleepin’!

There are many more places I wanted to visit, but I enjoyed a short vacay anyway.


Then, home sweet home back to my own puppy!


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