Spontaneous Catalina

My lovely friend who’s married sometimes needs to get away from her suffocating yet beautiful city of Irvine, where she lives, works, shops, and get pedicure.

And I’m aware that I need it too.

Both exhausted from our mundane and busy lifestyle, I rudely interrupted her question with “YES” before she even finished asking if I wanted to go to Catalina Island with her.

She booked a hotel facing the beautiful beach of Catalina Island. Once we arrived there already sipping on Prosecco, our ideas of beginning this short vacation with alcohol and ending with alcohol perfectly matched.

We were ravenously hungry so we chose this restaurant in front of the beach named “Maggie’s Blue Rose”. Their tacos and cocktails were decent, but we might had given this place more credit than it deserved because of our excitement.

Next, we checked into our hotel. Our room had a cute bathroom with one giant bed that could seemed to fit 4 adults. Then we went out to the beach, but the water was colder than we expected, so we decided to kayak instead. We both agreed that kayaking will burn off the calories we consumed during lunch.

After kayaking, each of us got a glass of grapefruit cocktail and a bowl of nachos. Then we had a conversation about how cute the little Italian restaurant nearby the beach was. So we went there and drank more cocktails with pasta. After realizing a fact that we’ve been dropping about 60 to 90 dollars per meal, we quickly went into a tiny jewelry store next to a candle shop. We both had our eyes on the blue topaz ring with silver strand that elegantly wraps the stone. After purchasing the ring, I went into another gift shop and bought pearl bracelets and earrings.

I don’t know what’s up with this Island but everything here, especially the jewels are made remarkably stylish and unique.

The beach had beautiful complementing colors with white and turquoise. We buried our wet feet into the sun-heated sand. Even without talking to each other, we were swimming in our absolute satisfaction.

As the night came, we bought a bottle of vodka and a bag of chips. We sat by the fire next to our hotel room and began to have deep conversation. We shared about our life. After a while, we got into our room, took a long warm shower. I binge-watched the Netflix episodes of “Black Mirror” in the comfortable bed with crisp bed sheet.

I woke up next to my lifeless laptop and my friend texting her husband. I felt a sudden feeling of melancholiness which probably came from realising a fact that today was the last day of our spontaneous vacation. We checked out of the hotel and had breakfast. I took some of their mini tabasco bottles and packets of Dammann freres tea. Then we both enjoyed a little wine tasting time that was complementary to our stay.

After having a quick lunch with cucumber margarita with panini, we rented a golf-cart to drive around the Island. The top of the Island had a breathtaking view of the lower part of the Catalina Island and the beach. It only took little more than an hour to go around the entire course.

We lingered around the beach to play bingo. Time passed quickly to send us back to our mundane life. Our ferry was at 6:00PM which was the last boat of the day. We quickly went into the Mexican restaurant. It was the restaurant that I visited with my family when I was in high school couple years ago. I had a carne asada with cucumber margarita, and barely made it back to the boat.

On the way back, we climbed up to the top of the boat and allowed ourselves with fresh ocean breeze. Behind us was this beautiful pack of dolphins following our boat with fading silhouette of the island in the background. In front of us were endless horizon of city lights and Queen Mary vividly welcoming us back to reality.

Roshni and I, we both had the privilege to reflect and shape our souls there.


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