I bleached my hair for the first time

(TMI alert)

I bleached my hair to platinum blonde because my life is like…

Work, home, work, home, work, home, work, home, work, home.

And doing that for almost an year is really getting boring and tiring me out. So I wanted to change. I just needed something new in my lifestyle.

Bleaching costs a lot. I spent about $1,000, including all the treatment, hair products I had to purchase, and the bleaching sessions.

I went to the stylist total of 2 times, and it took me 3 sessions of bleaching to lighten my hair up to platinum color, with a tinge of silver.

But going blonde is a job to maintain. Purple shampoo twice a week is a must, and treatments are necessary.

Plus, it’ll now cost me $$ to bleach my root, and on top of that, once you go blonde, you’ll wanna do stuffs with it.

I bought myself multiple semi-permanent hair colors like pink, blue and teal.


^ This review is coming up.


  • The Pros and Cons of becoming blonde.


  1. I look more exciting.
  2. It’s a good ice-breaker.
  3. Braids look prettier.
  4. I put less makeup.
  5. Makeup colors that didn’t match with my old hair color now match.


  1. I look less serious(?)
  2. My hair is completely fried.
  3. Costs a lot. $$
  4. Makeup color that DID match with my old hair color now doesn’t match.


Anyways, here’s bunch of pics of my transformation and daily selfies taken with momentary boost of self-confidence.


BEFORE the transformation.


^ This is after two bleaching sessions. My hair isn’t as fried yet. I did the next session after a month.


^ My hair is completely fried. This is another two sessions of bleaching. I think the hairstylist used an ash toner.


My dog also got its makeover session, with a cute cone-of-shame.

My hair was done at –

Lattitude 33 at Anaheim Hills.

Stylist IG @hairbyhannah_l33


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